Eddie Jones Clearly Isn’t Happy With The Attention Scotland & Ireland Are Getting

Eight days and counting.

Eddie Jones has taken his Six Nations tactics to all news levels this year, as he looks to try and win an unprecedented third title in-a-row with England. Despite being clear favourites with the bookmakers, Jones claims his team haven’t a chance this time round.

The Australian believes their extensive injury list, along with the form of Ireland in Autumn and the Irish province’s demolition of the English teams in Europe, means they haven’t a “hope” of winning this year. He even says England are behind Scotland in the running.

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with Jones, this is quite clearly tongue-in-cheek from him. He’s either trying to take the attention away from his players, which is something he’s become known for, or he’s upset with the plaudits Ireland and Scotland are getting.

Speaking to the BBC, Jones once again with his tongue firmly in-cheek, reckons England are “chasing” the pack led by the Irish and Scots.

“Well the environment has changed, everyone is talking about Ireland and Scotland … so we’re chasing those guys.

How can we be favourites? We won every test last year bar one, and every comment about our play was that we were terrible.

And now, Scotland are the darlings of European rugby, every time the ball goes from side-to-side people get excited, Ireland are beating everybody, so, it’s a great opportunity for us to chase these guys.”

Pipe down Eddie. You’re still favourites, but Ireland and Scotland are rightly getting some deserved plaudits for their recent form. You can’t have it all. The rugby world doesn’t revolve around you and your England team.

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