Eddie Jones Absolutely Roasts The New Zealand Media With Excellent One-Liner

Fans with a keyboard.

England boss Eddie Jones was in fine form this morning ahead of their Rugby World Cup semi-final clash with reigning champions New Zealand on Saturday.

The Australian joked that he reckons someone has been spying on them at training this week and absolutely savaged the New Zealand media with an absolutely brilliant one-liner that’s hard to argue with.

On the spy comments, Jones says someone in an adjacent apartment block was “definitely” filming them but he says it could have been a Japanese fan.

“There was definitely someone in the apartment block filming but it might have been a Japanese fan. We don’t care, mate,” Jones said.

“You just don’t need to do it anymore. You can watch everyone’s training on YouTube. There’s no value in doing that sort of thing anymore.”

In terms of the game itself, Jones says no one thinks his side can win so the pressure is off.

“No one thinks we can win,” Jones added

“So there’s no pressure on us we’ve just got to have a great week, enjoy it, relax, train hard, and enjoy this great opportunity that we’ve got.

“Whereas they’ve got to be thinking about, well, they are looking for their third World Cup so that does bring some pressure.”

And then came Jones’ absolutely brilliant one-liner when he was asked if the All Blacks would take any notice of his comments with Jones branding the New Zealand media as nothing more than “fans with a keyboard.”

“Well, someone has to ask some questions because the New Zealand media doesn’t,” Jones said with a chuckle

“You guys are just fans with a keyboard, so someone has to ask them some questions on what is going on. The English media – one week ago I was going to get sacked, we couldn’t play so we deal with a completely different situation.”

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