Dwayne Peel & BOD Reveal Hilarious Story That Shows Just How Vain Gavin Henson Was


Gavin Henson was a fantastic player in his day but became more famous for his vanity over the years.

Brian O’Driscoll and Dwayne Peel are on Off the ball tonight and had a couple of fantastic stories to tell about the former Wales and Lions utility back. O’Driscoll reminisced about the time Henson (who was his roommate on tour) spent three hours in the bathroom grooming himself- including a fresh tan and full body shave only to finally come out and tell O’Driscoll – “If you look good, you play good”

Peel then came in to top O’Driscoll’s story that had the entire live audience in absolute stitches. Apparently the Welsh team decided to have a few jibes at Henson, remarking on how well his skin looked, only for Henson to reveal that he had started to wash himself with bottled Evian water.

O’Driscoll: I roomed with Gavin Henson on a Lions tour and the morning of a midweek game in the evening and I remember going ‘will I go for a p**s or not?, I think I need to go’, I decided not to and I held on for another while. I’ll try and snooze here.

Big Gav goes into the bathroom and three hour later comes out, the most pristine you have ever seen in your life, the full St Tropez, legs shaved, immaculate hair and he said ‘if you look good, you play good!’. I think he played alright that night.

Peel: Literally, yesterday we’re in training and he’s the same, he’s fully tanned up, this is the God’s honest truth, and one of the boys says ‘you’re skins looking good Gav’ and he said ‘Yeah, I’ve started washing and showering with Evian’. He’s buying bottled water and bathing. That’s how crazy he is.

You couldn’t make this stuff up LADS… Absolutely hilarious.

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