Donncha O’Callaghan Reveals Just How Shoddy Drug Testing Is In Rugby


Donncha O’Callaghan believes that rugby players should be drug-tested by their clubs on a daily basis and has hit out at the level of certain methods of testing.

The former Ireland and Lions lock believes that steroid abuse exists in rugby but hasn’t come across it in his own career. He says he would be ‘naive’ to think otherwise given the nature of the game.


O’Callaghan now plys his trade in England with Premiership side Worcester and revealed today just how shoddy drug testing can be in the sport

“I did a test two weeks ago over in Worcester. They took some of my armpit hair but they used the same scissors for me that they used for someone else.

“They’re saying they used sterile wipes but that’s my career.

Say two of us (did the test) and you’re taking something, what happens if a follicle of your hair falls in? The urine test is incredibly professional.

“I think there’s an onus on the clubs as well. If it is going on, I would be fully in favour of testing guys every morning.

It makes you seriously wonder, if the testing can be this unprofessional, could there be a steroid problem in rugby that we are not aware of?

We would certainly hope not, but examples like this don’t bode well for the sport.

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