Donncha O Callaghan Explains To Victor Matfield How Paul O’Connell Got The Better Of Him


Victor Matfield has always cited Paul O’Connell as his toughest opponent in the second row.

Speaking on BT Sport’s Rugby Tonight, Matfield told of how one particular game in Dublin played a major part in the formation of that opinion.

In Croke Park in November 2009 Ireland were particularly successful in disrupting the South African lineout. Donncha O’Callaghan was able to explain exactly how they achieved this.

Paul O’Connell spent the week listening to the Count in Sesame Street – you know [imitates Sesame Street character], ‘One, aahh, aahh, aahh. Two aahh, aahhh, aahh.’ – in Afrikaans so that he could get an ear on your lineout calls a bit.

That’s the kind of detail some guys will go to.

You can watch Matfield and O’Callaghan on BT Sport below.

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