Danny Care Has Had A Pop At His Former Coach Conor O’Shea Over Italy Tactics

Uncalled for.

England scrumhalf Danny Care has had a pop at his former Harlequins coach Conor O’Shea for Italy’s breakdown tactics during their Six Nations fixture this past weekend.

The tactic, where Italy decided to not commit men at the breakdown, thus not forming a ruck- allowed Italy to stay onside and upset the England team, with Care in particular suffering during the tie.

“I’m going to pick his brains over a beer.” revealed the England nine
“He’s gone from being the most attacking man in rugby to the most negative in one game
“They felt they had to do it to try to get a result but they didn’t.”

To say O’Shea is now the most negative man in rugby is nonsense and hugely disrespectful. O’Shea went out to win that game, and came up with the tactic due to the limited resources available to him.

When asked if the tactic was never been brought up before during their time together at Quins, Care said:

“No, no. We never tried to do that” Care added.
“Why the law is like that I don’t know, but it’s within the laws to do it. We’ve experienced it against us a couple of times, but only once or twice in certain games.
“To have it in every breakdown is something new. It’s another thing this team has experienced.
“We got through it and managed to find a way, it probably took us a bit longer to adapt than we wanted to but we did and we got five points.
“We’d have taken that at the start of the game.”

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