Dan Carter & Nemani Nadolo Hold Two Freakish Gym Records At The Crusaders


Dan Carter isn’t your typical ten. The legendary All Black had it all. Literally. He could kick, pass, step, smash… you bloody name it. He’s probably the most complete ten in the history of rugby.

How he saw the game and what he could do with a rugby ball, begged belief at times. As a result, he won pretty much every accolade there is, both as part of a team and as an individual.

That being said, it probably comes as no surprise that he was an absolute monster in the gym too. The lads over at Rugby Pass have recently uncovered some gym stats at the Crusaders, where Carter spent most of his career, and turns out, he holds a bench-press record at the club.

Carter benched a whopping 145kg when he was at the Christchurch side, a record for inside backs that still stands. The record for outside backs though, is held by Fijian monster Nemani Nadolo, who benched a ridiculous 175kg while playing for the current Super Rugby champions.


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