Dan Biggar Reacts To Claims He Overruled Wales Captain Alun Wyn Jones

Dan Biggar says he did not overrule captain Alun Wyn Jones in Saturday’s loss to Scotland.

The Welsh playmaker has been accused of overruling his captain at a crucial stage of their clash with Scotland in the Six Nations on Saturday.

Footage suggests Biggar opted to go for the corner, when Jones wanted to take the points, with the Welsh only trailing by three at the time. Leigh Halfpenny has since admitted it was his fault, citing he didn’t step up accordingly and back himself to slot the penalty between the sticks.

“I don’t know if my version of events matters, you guys have already printed all your stuff,” he said, speaking to journalists.
“Maybe it’s best for you to hold off before you get full clarity on things.
“The bottom line is Leigh has held his hands up and said he didn’t fancy the kick. To which, in as many words, Alun Wyn has said ‘sod it, we’ll go to the corner then’.
‘It was a very amicable chat and for me it was never about overruling the captain. Where that came from and who put that out there, I have no idea.
“I’ve asked Al. If it was on the 22 and bang in front, I wouldn’t have asked. As it was on the touchline, I’ve asked the question about whether to go for the corner.
“I’ve turned – which I don’t think some people have seen on the video footage – to give the ball to Pens but he hasn’t taken it and sometimes that’s the way it goes.
“It was a tough day and a tough kick, so then I’ve put the ball in the corner. Does that sound like I’ve overruled the captain?
“Let me ask you a question, because you’ve all had plenty to say on it in your column inches. I think it’s important to get clarity on the facts before things are printed in writing.
“It’s been a pretty hurtful couple of days. It’s not nice being questioned about whether you’ve overruled the captain, let alone it being someone like Alun Wyn who I’ve huge respect for. Maybe that’s a point for the future.
“Everyone sees the side of me that is full of confidence, but ultimately things like that are quite hurtful, not just to me, but to my family. My grandparents have bought the Western Mail for the last 40 years. For them to have read some of the stuff that was said is not great.”
“More so for them, my family and friends and those within the four walls here at the Vale. Everyone else is not at the top of the agenda if the truth is told.
“I just want to win every single minute of every game. That is my character. People see that side, but maybe they don’t see the other side. It has been a pretty tough couple of days because of that. It’s pretty hurtful to have people phoning you up and asking if you’ve disrespected your captain.”
“It’s up to you what you want to make of it, but that’s the truth of the matter. Maybe it’s a lesson for everyone involved.”

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