Cyprus Brilliantly Take The Piss Out Of England After Ireland Stop Their Unbeaten Run

This is brilliant.

There’s no denying England’s unbeaten run of 18-games is something to be very proud of and a phenomenal achievement given the competitiveness of the international game these days, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from ripping the absolute piss since their loss to Ireland.

Everyone talks about England and New Zealand and their amazing 18-game winning streaks (coincidentally both stopped by Ireland) but always seem to forget about little old Cyprus, who went an amazing 24-games unbeaten.

Albeit against lowly position, with not a tier 1, or even tier 2 team in sight, but they still deserve a bit of credit. It began back in 2008, with victory over Azerbaijan, and six years later, they had won a further 23 games.

Thanks to Ireland once again, they won’t be overtaken, and they’re pretty grateful.

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