The Crusaders Score The First Ever 7-Point ‘Power Try’ In Professional Rugby

Power try.

Back in May the World Rugby Executive Committee approved a request by Rugby Australia for a temporary closed laws trial for matches involving the Western Force this year.

The Force are currently playing a ‘ World Series’ of matches against representative teams from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand and Hong Kong and the following law amendments have been in operation:

  • When a try is scored from play initiated from within the try scoring team’s own 22m and there is no break in continuity of possession by the scoring team, the try is awarded seven points (not five points). A conversion attempt would follow (making nine points total).
  • If possession changes or a penalty, lineout or scrum is awarded, then this breaks the sequence of possession for the try scoring team and a normal five point try would be earned.

And this past weekend saw the first ever ‘Power Try’ scored as the Crusaders made light work of the Force at nib Stadium in a 44-8 win. Halfback Mitchell Drummond bagged the unprecedented score just six minutes into the game.

Have a watch below. Would you like to see this formally introduced to rugby across the board?

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