Conor Murray Reveals Donnacha O’Callaghan’s Crazy Superstitious Match Routine

This is an odd one.

Over the years you’ve probably heard of some pretty strange superstitious pre-match rituals from sports stars. Usually it involves wearing some form of lucky shorts, or putting a certain boot on first etc.

Conor Murray however, has revealed an odd one we’ve never heard of before that is definitely one of the most superstitious pre-match routines out there. It involved former Munster and Ireland lock Donnacha O’Callaghan.

“Donncha O’Callaghan had the most superstitious one I’ve seen.” Murray said
“He used to not let his feet touch the ground before a game, from getting out of his runners into his match boots, so he’d put a white towel on the ground and not allow his feet to touch the actual ground, before he was ready to go!

Absolute madness. I wonder does he still do it to this day and what do the young Worcester lads think?

Conor Murray was speaking to Frank Hogan Volkswagen. You can watch the full video here

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