Conor Murray On Why His Partnership With Johnny Sexton Works So Well

World class.

Conor Murray says Johnny Sexton still pushes him in every game and finds stuff to give out to him about. The pair have evolved into one of the very best halfback partnerships in world rugby, and their ambition to be even better helps drive it.

Murray also says his personal relationship off the field really helps them on it as they’ve struck up an excellent friendship. The Munster nine says there is a much better understanding between the two in training as a result.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s clash with Argentina, Murray said.

“He still finds stuff to give out to me about. Don’t worry about that. That’s just Johnny.“
“You have to, otherwise you would be goosed! Whatever about him as a player, getting to know Johnny as a person over the last few years, being mates with him now rather than how it was when I first came in, when it was just a fella I played with.
I know this guy off the field now too and that definitely makes it easier. You know the way their mind works and what they might be thinking.
“And then you are together so much in training, there is an understanding, and I think it (personal relationship) is in a really good place.
“I enjoy playing with Johnny. Within this environment, he is a real leader along with Bestie and Seanie. It is a good relationship at the moment.”

Joe Schmidt names his team for this weekend’s clash with Los Pumas tomorrow, with Murray and Sexton both expected to be restored to the starting line-up for the Test.


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