Conor Murray details horrific abuse received following England defeat

No need.

Scrumhalf Conor Murray has opened up on the horrific abuse he received following Ireland’s defeat to England in the Six Nations last month.

The Munster native was the subject of some pretty nasty messages with a number of so-called ‘fans’ laying into Murray for kicking the ball away with a couple of minutes on the clock and Ireland still leading.

England turned their possession into a winning drop goal from Marcus Smith but recovered the following week to defeat Scotland and claim a second successive Six Nations title.

“That was a weird one, yeah, there’s no hiding from the abuse you get. You can’t get away from it but that clip didn’t even come up in the review, that’s how irrelevant it was.” Murray said.

“Genuinely, we’ve been around long enough to know how long you can hold on to the ball in your own ’22, that was the right call. We’d do it again. It was what happened after…

“But I was taken aback by it, the level of messages coming into my phone…

“I genuinely just looked at a couple. I looked at my phone and it just flooded up with messages.

“It was just, ‘f***ing hell’ and then I just deleted all at the bottom. There was no point. If you read it all, some of it’s going to seep into you.

“It was just abuse, really. Just, ‘What the f*** are you doing kicking the ball away’…

“It was mad, but if I’d made a mistake or missed a tackle you’d think, ‘no, fair enough’, you could see the reason for it. But, genuinely, that didn’t come up in the review.

“Whether I made a mistake or not, I wouldn’t read it. You’re aware of it. You can’t not be aware of it, that’s the thing in this day and age, you can’t not see it.”

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