Concussion Panel Rules On George North Incident


Northampton have escaped punishment following their treatment of George North’s head injury.

The Wales winger has a history of concussions, yet was allowed return to play just minutes after apparently being knocked out cold during Northampton’s Premiership clash with the Leicester Tigers.

The incident sparked huge controversy with Northampton being the subject of an independent review. The Concussion Management Review Group (CMRG) tasked with the review, have today published a report stating that North shouldn’t have returned to the field but they were happy protocol was followed.


Northampton will not be punished but as everyone expected, have been exposed for allowing him to return.

“The CMRG has concluded its review into a head injury incident involving Northampton Saints’ George North,” the group’s statement reads.

“The CMRG’s view is that there was sufficient evidence to conclude not only from the video evidence but also George North’s history and risk stratification that he should not have returned to the field of play.

“Northampton Saints medical team have accepted that North may have lost consciousness and therefore should not have returned to play.

“The CMRG considered the welfare of North was always at the centre of Northampton’s actions, and does not consider that the medical team (or the club) failed to complete the HIA protocol nor intentionally ignored the player’s best interests.”

Are Northampton lucky to have escaped any punishment?

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