Comparing Budgets Available to PRO12, Premiership & Top 14 Teams


Just how much of a gap is there between the leagues?

Popular Welsh Outlet, Wales Rugby Online have been doing a bit of research in the funding that is available to the Welsh regions in an interesting piece, but it’s the contrast across the league and countries that got us interested.

Much has been said about the financial power that the French and English seem to have over the PRO12 in recent years and these latest figures prove just that. In Ireland and Scotland, the clubs are owned by the respective Unions, rather than being independent entities, so it’s difficult to work out, but we can get an idea based on overall spend.

Munster v Leicester Tigers - European Rugby Champions Cup Pool 1 Round 3

Here’s a look at the playing budgets available in each league and country.



At present, Cardiff Blues, the Ospreys and the Scarlets work off playing budgets of around £5m per year, while the Dragons spend around about the £3.5m mark.


The overall budget is Ireland is around £38m with £30m going on player and management costs. It’s believed that the playing budgets in Ireland are higher than that of Wales. According to Wales Rugby Online, Blues chairman Peter Thomas this week quoted a figure of £6.5m to £7m and that seems to tie in with what has been reported elsewhere.


SRU chief Mark Dodson has been quoted as saying the playing budget of Edinburgh is £4.8m, while Glasgow operate on £5.1m.

Aviva Premiership

When it comes to the top English clubs  you are talking about £7.5m, with two marquee players allowed on top of the £6.5m wage cap, which is going up to £7m next season.

Top 14

This is where things get ridiculous. Playing budgets for some of the big French teams range from between £14m – £27m. Both Toulouse and Clermont are said to have budgets in excess of £27m this season.

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