“It’s Coming Back” – Ronan O’Gara On The ‘Forgotten’ Skill That’s Making A Comeback In Rugby

“It’s coming back.”

Scotland captain Stuart Hogg put in one of the all-time great fullback performances over the weekend as his side stunned England at Twickenham with a first win there in 38 years.

Hogg was excellent in almost every aspect of the game, running the English defence absolutely ragged but one particular moment caught the attention of Ireland and Munster legend Ronan O’Gara

Hogg’s incredible monster spiral kick from just outside his 22 metre-line in the second-half pinned England into the corner and proved to be a pivotal moment in the game as the away side heaped pressure on Eddie Jones’ men.

O’Gara made the spiral kick famous in his days playing, mastering the skill better than anyone else. And he reckons it could be about to make a comeback given its incredible effectiveness once mastered.

“Yeah,” O’Gara said when we asked him if he reckons the spiral is making a comeback.

“It’s a skill that needs a lot of work, but once you nail it, you have it for life and it’s undefendable as you look, because it skids off a wet surface.

“England in Twickenham. It was the kick of the day. So yeah, it’s coming back. It’s coming back. There’s momentum building.

“Everything is good in the world!”

We couldn’t agree more. Bring the spiral back!

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