Classic sports everyone can try


The global sports landscape continues to grow with more options to watch top tournaments, thanks to live streaming and an increase in TV broadcasts. Sport has always been popular, but those developments have brought events to an even bigger audience.

While it’s great to watch major tournaments, it’s even better to get involved. Playing sport can provide exceptional benefits for physical and mental health, and most options offer easy ways in which the public can take it up.

All of the classic sports that we’ve enjoyed since childhood offer ways in which new players can get involved on a recreational level.


Football is the most popular sport worldwide, and because of that it’s an easy one to get into. Each week, professional players entertain millions of fans, while supporters look to football prediction experts as one of the ways in which to follow their teams.

Every town has at least one football club, and it’s likely that they will run multiple sides from youth, through to senior and possibly even veteran level. 

Local community centers often run five a side tournament, while a new development known as walking football encourages the over 50s to stay involved with the sport. Walking football showcases all the skill of the game, while it’s played at a more leisurely pace.


Like football, rugby has a strong global following, and it’s played extensively. Schools play the game while town clubs should have a youth set up for children to get involved.

Rugby may not be so easy for adults to access. It’s such a physical sport that it doesn’t tend to be played just for fun. Clubs are affiliated with local leagues, and players should therefore have a high level of natural ability. It’s not an exclusive sport, but rugby may be slightly more difficult to take up.

In terms of individual sports, tennis is one of the easiest to take up. Most towns have at least one tennis club, with courts that the public can hire in advance. All you need is a racquet and a few balls, together with a playing partner.

Tennis is great fun and offers a good all-round work out. It’s one of the best sports for fitness and all of those reasons make the sport hugely popular among amateur players.


Golf may seem like a cost-prohibitive sport, but there’s more than one way to get involved. Many courses have driving ranges, where players can turn up with two or three clubs and hit a few balls.

If they enjoy the game, it’s their choice whether they want to progress and play the eighteen-hole version of golf. A full set of tops of the range clubs can be expensive, but it’s possible to pick up secondhand items for a fraction of the cost.

Golf then offers players the chance to enjoy the open air, while the exercise can be hugely beneficial. A walk around an average length course takes around four miles to complete.


It’s a generalization to suggest that bowls is a sport for the older generation. The game is a significant test of skill and many younger players are getting involved.

It’s still true that many bowls players take up the sport once they have retired. It’s a gentler pastime than other suggestions on this list, but it still provides valuable exercise. Bowls is also great as a social game, and for keeping players connected with the community and other, like-minded competitors.


The global popularity of cricket has increased since the advent of shorter formats. It’s now played in more countries around the world, and the pathway into cricket has opened up for amateur players.

For a long time, it’s been possible to join a local cricket team, but the new developments have provided more choices. Until recently, it’s been quite an expensive game to take up, with premium prices required to secure bats, boots and clothing.

Many cricket clubs now look to supply used equipment to encourage people to take up the sport. There’s also a version of walking cricket in place, so those who have given up the game, can look to get back into it in their later years.

Today, there is an emphasis on encouraging people to play sport. It offers a huge boost to physical and mental health and helps us to socialize and form new friendships.

Most sports are much easier to get into than you may think. For those who want to try things out before becoming fully committed, it’s likely that clubs in your region will be able to loan you some basic equipment as a starting point.

The benefits are plentiful, and there’s never been a better time to get involved with any of these top sports in your area.

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