CJ Stander’s Feelings About England Will Delight Irish Fans


It’s pretty common knowledge that Ireland are England are very much bitter rivals.

No Irishman can accept losing to England and vice versa. Ireland has a bit of a history with the English in case you didn’t know (cough). As a result, sporting events that involved the two countries, regardless of what’s on the line are extremely intense and a certain aura comes with them.

Now this may come of as a bit of a surprise, but believe it or not disliking the English apparently comes pretty naturally to most countries, South Africa being one of them. Well at least according to CJ Stander it does.

“I am South African, not Irish, but it is the same thing for South Africans,” Stander said.

“We have a thing about England.

“It doesn’t matter what you play or what you do, you just want to play against them so it is good to slot in with the boys.

“It is something for Irish people against English teams and it is good to get that feeling from the boys.”

Roll on Saturday.

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