CJ Stander Reveals Downside To All His MOTM Awards & It’s Hilarious


The eternal conundrum- just how many MOTM awards has CJ Stander won at this stage?

The South African born back-row has been the standout player for Ireland and Munster over the last couple of seasons and he has the awards to back it up. He’s won numerous player awards and umpteen MOTM awards, but there’s a downside.

Stander has revealed that winning all these awards is starting to cost him money. He has also revealed that he has to store the old ones in his garage to make room for the constant barrage of new ones.


The talented back-row picked up yet another man of the match this past weekend against Racing 92 and has revealed today how he copes with the ridiculous amount he wins and how it’s starting to cost him money.

“I move the new ones in, the old ones go away to the garage for when I have room for them,” Stander said grinning.

“Normally, Jean-Marie (his wife) likes to fill them with flowers so I’ve started a system where I need to buy four bunches of flowers because there is four on the table at all times.

“Four bunches of flowers every week, it’s costing me at this stage.

“When you get an award like that, you just enjoy it. One day they’ll start to dry up and when you’re 32 or 33 you’ll be wondering, ‘Where did they go?’ (Simon) Zebo was trying to make jokes about it, saying that I pay someone but Quinny (Alan Quinlan) wasn’t there this weekend, so he couldn’t select me!

“I look after them. One day it’ll be good to sit down somewhere to look back on what I’ve got and what I’ve achieved, but there’s still a lot to work for us and to get up for.

If he keeps going the way he’s going, it might be worth investing in a flower company.

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