CJ Stander On The Area Of His Game He’s Been Tirelessly Working On

More strings to your bow.

CJ Stander is the closest thing you’ll find to a human wrecking ball in rugby. He’s a nine’s dream. He constantly wants the ball and will carry for his teammates all day long. If there’s a gainline in sight, Stander is getting over it.

But the South African born back-row forward has been looking to add more to his game this season. Like the old saying, “evolve or die” and Stander is very much embracing the former.

He has looked to improve his passing game and his footwork. Looking at his stats this season and analysing his game, it’s clear he’s starting to see some real results on both fronts. If you can keep your opponents guessing in this game, you’re on the right track.

“Rugby is changing to a place where every player is expected to pass like a nine or 10. Some of the forwards have unbelievable skills,” Stander told RTÉ Sport.

“It’s something I look on as an individual. Teams know what you do as a player. They look at you during the week and do good analysis.

“You have to change a bit here and there, if it’s me passing a bit more, or just using my feet.

“I won’t say it’s something I spoke to Joe [Schmidt] about. I spoke to Johann [van Graan] in Munster a lot. I worked with him a lot as a younger player. He has helped change my game.”

Keep them guessing CJ. Keep them guessing.

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