CJ Stander Gives Brilliant Response When Asked How Does He Psyche Himself Up


CJ Stander has become a bit of a legend in Ireland over the last year or so.

After an initial struggle when he first arrived on Irish shores a few years back, the South-African born star has gone from strength to strength since. A genuine nice guy that leaves everything on the pitch every time he plays.

Stander made his Ireland debut in this year’s Six Nations and instantly won hearts all over the country with his rousing rendition of the national anthem and hellish performance against Wales. He was an absolute nightmare for the opposing back-row on the day and has only gotten better since.

CJ Stander 7/2/2016

One thing Stander has become famous for is his ferocious ball carrying skills and his willingness to carry no matter what the situation. His stats in this area over the last couple of years have been nothing short of world class.

Stander is now gearing himself up for his first shot at the All Blacks and was asked yesterday by the42, how does one psyche themselves up to play the world champs?

His answer was brilliant:

“Just be me.

“I want to get my hands on the ball and get some carries in in the first few minutes and make some big hits in defence. I just want to get into the game – it’s another game of rugby and you don’t want that to change.

What a legend. Don’t ever change CJ, don’t ever change.

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