Cian Healy Had A Very Special Homemade Gift For Nemani Nadolo Yesterday

Fair play.

Rugby prides itself on its values and the wonderful commardrie that exists not only between teammates, but fellow professionals in the game also.

The sport is built around respect, and is probably the only sporting environment in the world that sees players absolutely smashe each other for 80 minutes, then grab a beer and share a meal together afterwards.

Cian Healy and Nemani Nadolo were opponents yesterday in the Champions Cup, but before a ball had even been picked, Healy was planning on gifting Nadolo with a very special homemade gift.

If you follow either of them on social media, you’ll see the two behemoths are big into cooking, specifically slow-roasting, and BBQ’s etc. Healy also took up crafting knives recently, and posted clips of him making a special knife all this week.

The knife was for Nadolo, with his name and numbed engraved. Healy gifted it to the Fijian after the game yesterday, and he was absolutely delighted. Absolutely top class from the Irish prop.

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