Cheslin Kolbe Proves Once Again He’s The Best Rugby Player In The World Right Now


Toulouse winger Cheslin Kolbe was back on the European stage once again this afternoon, to remind us that he’s the best rugby player in the world right now.

The lightning-quick South African ran Ulster Rugby absolutely ragged in their Champions Cup quarter-final clash with two electric tries that no defender in the world right now would be able to stop.

Kolbe’s game is incredible. He’s incredibly fast, he can pass, he can tackle and by god can he step you into next week. He’s also stupidly strong for his size, as Stuart McCloskey found out, and is even a useful guy to have around during kick-offs [as Jerome Kaino demonstrated].

The 26-year-old is a human highlight reel and if you were to pick a World XV in the morning – Kolbe would be the first name on your team sheet. His ability to create something from nothing is unrivalled.

Let’s look at his two tries first.

Yes maybe Stockdale could have done better, but it’s easy to say that. 9/10 defenders would fail to make that tackle. Kolbe has proved that time and time again. That step is simply unstoppable.

Then there’s this brilliant clip of Jerome Kaino making full use of Kolbe’s size to launch him into the air like a rocket and regain possession. Talk about multi-functional.

And if he’s not stepping you or running past you – Kolbe can also bounce through you as McCloskey finds out here. The man’s a freak of nature.

Cheslin Kolbe – we salute you.

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