Check Out Dan Lydiate’s 6,000 Calorie A Day Diet


Dan Lydiate has a reputation for a being an absolute beast.

The British and Irish Lions squad were amazed at Lydiate’s freakish strength on tour in 2013, and now the Welshman has revealed his absolutely insane diet that he must maintain in order to stay in such excellent shape.


A bowl of Bran Flakes

A plate of cottage cheese with a handful of berries.

Four poached eggs stacked onto two slices of toast.

Large cup of coffee.


Three breasts of chicken with sweet potato and some mango for desert.

Evening meal

This tends to come in two instalments, the early and late evening meals.

First up will be some beef stir-fry, then some more beef stir-fry, all washed down with a nice protein shake.

Lydiate also revealed that in pre-season, the servings get even bigger.

“When we are in pre-season you have got to step up the eating because, if you did what we do with no carbs, you wouldn’t last five minutes,” said Lydiate.

Wouldn’t fancy having this fella round for lunch. [Wales Online]

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