Burglar Makes Huge Mistake Of Breaking Into A House Full Of Rugby Players

You silly boy.

A burglar was left humiliated and forced to flee for his own safety after he broke into a home full of women’s rugby players. The would-be thief entered the home of former England outhalf Ceri Large, who had a number of her rugby friends staying over.

CCTV footage captured the man hurdling a six-foot gate as he was chased from the house with his pants down around his ankles. Ceri says he’s a very lucky man to have gotten away, as she “probably would have battered” him had she caught him in her house.

“He was a scrawny, vile little coward and I was probably bigger than him so it was lucky we didn’t catch him,” said the former England international.
“You should have seen him jump over that gate. I bet he doesn’t tell people he was chased away by a girl.
“His jeans were so baggy that they fell down around his ankles so he ended up running down the road in his boxers.”

Ceri says the intruder crept into her home during the early hours of Saturday morning, Gloucestershire Live reported. She was expecting her brother and another friend to turn up very late and left the back door open when she went to bed at 1.30am so they could get in.

But when she was woken by noises downstairs and footsteps on the stairs she became suspicious and hid in the dark to watch a dark shadow creep in and out of the bedrooms where her friends were sleeping.

“Then he put his hand around the door to flick the light on in my bedroom,” she said.
“I was in pitch black so I just switched on the phone light in his face and screamed ‘There’s a man in the house’ at the top of my voice.
“My friends said afterwards they had never heard anything like it.
“He just scarpered. He must have been scared because he jumped from the top of the stairs to the bottom and broke the bottom step. It’s shame he didn’t go right through and get stuck.
“I chased him out and my friend was just behind but we decided not to follow when he jumped over a six foot gate and ran off.”


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