British and Irish Lions unveil brand new crest ahead of Australia tour

New look.

The British and Irish Lions have unveiled a brand new badge with some noticeable changes ahead of their tour of Australia in 2023.

The badge will appear on all British & Irish Lions branding and collateral including the Australia 2025 jersey and all new Lions apparel and merchandise, as well as commercial and marketing collateral.

The Lions badge has been updated to honour the Lions history and legacy by retaining the fundamental iconography and structure of the badge that has remained consistent for generations, while modernising and simplifying the overall presentation, and achieving a greater sense of unity between nations.

The key changes to the badge are as follows:

– The representation of each rugby Union’s mark has been adapted to move closer in appearance to that of each Union’s logo, while retaining a degree of individuality, creativity and overall stylistic coherence unique to the Lions badge.

– The dividing bars between the nations’ quadrants have been removed, enabling, and representing greater connection between the nations.

– The yellow colour that was added to the badge in the early 90s has been replaced by Lions Gold.

– The scroll that encased ‘Since 1888’ has been removed to further modernise the badge.

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