A ‘British & Irish’ League Could Be Set To Replace The PRO14 & The Premiership

Super league.

The PRO14 and the English Premiership could be no more in a couple of seasons time with plans to create a ‘British and Irish’ league seemingly already in motion.

A leading English club chairman has told the Rugby Paper that he expects the move to happen within two years, suggesting talks are all ready well underway to combine the two leagues.

The proposal is said to be linked to the plans by private equity firm CVC Capital Partners for a deal worth a reported £100million for a 27 per cent stake in the PRO14. CVC already own a similar stake in the Premiership and are in talks to invest in the Six Nations also.

The plan suggested is for a 24-team league, split into two sections of 12, involving the best clubs from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

“A British League will happen in two years’ time. It will happen because it’s the best outcome for the game in the four home countries and for CVC.” the anonymous chairman told the Rugby Paper

“It will appeal to the Welsh regions in particular and the Premiership clubs.”

“Commercially they could be as much as 50 per cent better off.”

Getting the four Irish provinces on board is seen as important, but the English chairman says “if necessary we will go ahead and do it without them.”

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