Brian O’Driscoll Thinks Munster Will Have A Good Season & Here’s Why

Shaping up nicely.

Brian O’Driscoll thinks Munster are in line for a good season. The southern province have started really well, winning all three of their PRO14 games so far, including two bonus-point wins and an away victory over Ospreys yesterday.

The former Ireland and Leinster centre says he was a little unsure about Munster over the summer with everything going on with Rassie Erasmus, but after seeing them in action, is confident they will do well.

“I’m a bit more positive maybe about Munster this year than I was during the summer.” O’Driscoll said on Newstalk’s Off The Ball
“I thought the Anthony factor of last season, they’re not gonna be able to utilise that to galvanise the squad again. They’ve got to look to player and performance and I think they look like an incredibly well drilled team.”
“I think their rucking has been spot on, their detail has been excellent, they’ve got their maul going, their defensive maul is really good, taking opportunities… just that control.”
“And when you get Conor Murray back at nine and you have Tyler Bleyendaal playing well, I think they’ve got a really good combination… Just a small bit week in the second-row.”

A lot of people have said this season that having an uncertainty over the player’s heads when it comes to Rassie Erasmus and his future will be a disadvantage for Munster, but O’Driscoll doesn’t think so.

“They do know who their playing for, their playing for Rassie Erasmus. And until a decision is made, all you can do is put your best foot forward while he’s there.” O’Driscoll added.
“You’re serving the jersey, you’re serving your coach, but you’re also serving yourself too. Because whoever the incumbent coach is going to be, is gonna watch the games in the lead up to it.
“They’re not going to decide a week before Rassie heads off, this is our guy. They’re gonna have done a long process of seeking out who the best personnel to replace Rassie is, and that individual is going to watch a huge amount Munster over the period of time leading up to christmas.”
“So it’s an opportunity again to showcase the best of yourself – that I’m your guy to be in your starting 15.

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