Brian O’Driscoll Thinks Munster Were Very Hard Done By Yesterday

This is not football.

Former Ireland and Leinster centre Brian O’Driscoll reckons Munster were very hard done by yesterday with some hugely controversial decisions by the match officials.

The southern province lost the game by a singular point, failing to take a number of a chances. But one particular incident in the game has caused quite a stir.

Andrew Conway’s disallowed try late in the second-half has been a huge talking point. While it’s fair to say Conway did lost control of the ball, would that have happened has Castres No.10 Benjamin Urdapilleta not illegally have slid in?

Whether it’s a penalty try of not, the outhalf should have been punished and O’Driscoll says it’s time World Rugby did more to eradicate these kind of tackles.

“It’s not football, you can’t have a slide tackle!” O’Driscoll said.

“World Rugby need to stamp down on that, it’s a blight on the game.”

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