Brian O’Driscoll Says The Lions Should Have Been A Bit Smarter During Downtime

‘They could have been a little smarter.”

Brian O’Driscoll reckons the Lions could have handled themselves a little better during their downtime in Queenstown. While he appreciates some time off was duly needed after a long season, he reckons their social media activity was a little unnecessary.

Speaking on Off the Ball O’Driscoll says they didn’t need to broadcast to the world what they were doing as it gives off the wrong message, especially to the All Blacks.

I have an appreciation for the number of miles on the clock at this stage. The Lions have completed a full season, are into week seven of a seven-week tour, they have a huge amount of training done over that time. They definitely need some time off their feet, of that there’s no doubt.
Queenstown was where they decided to go…I definitely think they could have been a little bit smarter about social media. I saw one or two posts of a couple of lads having a beer mid-afternoon. I’ve no problem with lads having a few beers, but there’s no need to promote it to the world. The All Blacks are looking at that, and it is adding fuel to the fire. ‘Have these guys switched off already? Are they happy with 1-1?’
If I was an All Black, that’s how I’d be looking at it. ‘Are they on easy street? We’re here grafting because we are hurting from last week’. I appreciate that they need down time, but I think they could have been a small bit smarter about how they went about that.

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