Brian O’Driscoll Says Only One England Player “Might” Make The Ireland Team

At a push.

Brian O’Driscoll says he would find it very difficult to pick an England player that he thinks would make the Ireland team ahead of any of Schmidt’s current crop of Grand Slam winners.

The former Ireland captain was posed the question by a journalist, which he said he found incredibly difficult to answer the more he thought about it. But instead of leaving the journalist go back with “none” he said a “fit Manu Tuilagi”.

But the more he thought about it O’Driscoll said he probably wouldn’t drop an Irish centre for Tuilagi. Eventually after a bit of a push from the Off The Ball team, O’Driscoll said Billy Vunipola would probably be the only one who would get into Ireland’s team, but didn’t mention who he would drop. Or if Vunipola would start.

Have a watch below. Do you agree with O’Driscoll or can you think of another English player that would make the current Irish team?

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