Brian O’Driscoll & ROG Rip The Absolute P*ss Out Of Austin Healey Over ‘That’ Story

Over to you Austin.

By now you’ve probably heard the famous Austin Healey, Brian O’Driscoll & Ronan O’Gara Lions story. If you haven’t you’re in for an absolute treat. The story came to light last year thanks to Keith Wood and Off The Ball.

The former Lions and Ireland hooker was a guest, and described is as his favourite moment in Lions history.

“I have to say it is one of my favourite Lions memories. You look at him now and he’s got a little soft face on him (O’Driscoll.) It was after Duncan McCrae beat the crap out of ROG. It was lunacy, he just absolutely lost it,” Keith Wood told Off The Ball on Newstalk.
“Austin came in and he was being an unbelievable pain in the a**e. I mean beyond all belief. He was touching ROG’s face and saying ‘c’mom Rog, let’s have a little boxing match.,, c’mon c’mon’.
“ROG just said ‘p**s off, just leave me alone, get away from me’ and then suddenly this little voice peeps in… ‘I’ll have a bit of that,’ says Drico and they put on a pair of boxing gloves and Drico beat the living crap out of him.”

Healey has since come out to let everyone know that the story is absolute nonsense, and nothing more than “completely fabricated after dinner story.”

Brian O’Driscoll was asked about the incident once again tonight on Off The Ball and it turns out Healey was only try to save face.

“It’s the one story that absolutely kills Austin and his retort when it’s brought up is usually, “Oh let’s re-arrange a charity match and I’ll box the head off you.” Which is an answer in itself because he has reason to get one back at me.” O’Driscoll said.
“Austin is incredibly confident, some might say cocky, but he literally has no comeback. So his latest comeback is to refute that it ever happened.”
“I wouldn’t be in a rush to have another go. I was relatively lucky that day so I’ll call it quits at 1-0 and gloat for the rest of my days.”

Ronan O’Gara also joined O’Driscoll on the show, and let everyone know the story is 100% factual.

Brian boxed the head off him. It’s black and white. There was a kind of a fun element too. He didn’t really think it was happening but all of a sudden…  Yeah it did happen. Black and white. Case closed.
He’s actually great craic on a tour. He’s mischievous. He’s always at something. But he was going to get his bateing and it arrived quite early.

Healy has now come out again and responded to ROG & BOD, once again stating it’s a load of nonsense.

Sounds like Healey isn’t happy. Who do you believe?

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