Brian O’Driscoll Recalls The Time He Waited 18 Months To Exact Revenge On Marcus Horan


Leinster host Munster this weekend in a battle of the provinces at the Aviva.

When the two sides meet it’s always a fiery affair, as national teammates battle it out for province supremacy. Brian O’Driscoll’s comments on Off the Ball a few months back illustrate that perfectly.


O’Driscoll had his say on the subject of on-the-field altercations that occur when the two clubs meet, and told listeners he once plotted revenge on Munster prop Marcus Horan for a full 18 months but the opportunity never arose.

“I had one or two of those situations throughout the course of my career where someone would get a shot on me or cheap shot you off the ball, and I remember in the weeks (leading up to) that game, it would play on your mind,” said O’Driscoll on Off The Ball.
“You’d try and wait for scenarios, particularly as an outside back where you wouldn’t find yourself in confrontation, and you’d try to do it as legally as possible but you left nothing behind.
“I missed Marcus Horan on one, he caught me off the ball in the one after the Northampton final down in Thomond Park, the Pro 12 final, and I was badly winded.
“I remember for the next year and a half, any time we played Munster I just waited. He was on the bench a few times, and then injured, and I was injured and it just never transpired.
“If I see him out for a few pints in Limerick one day, the two of us are gonna go head to head! No, it’s all good, I just wanted to get that opportunity but it never reared it’s ugly head.”

While it may be “all good”, O’Driscoll insists you never forget incidents like that.

“No you don’t (forget), you store them. Without letting them distract from your game, but if I had sniffed out any opportunity in those Munster games, I would have availed of it.”

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