Brian O’Driscoll Gives Ronan O’Gara Some Pretty Sound Coaching Career Advice

One step at a time.

Brian O’Driscoll and Ronan O’Gara have know each other for a long time. While both players reached the pinnacle of rugby during their professional careers, they’ve both gone down very different paths since retirement.

O’Driscoll has embraced the world of punditry, and while O’Gara has been known to dabble in it a bit himself, his main career is in coaching, and he’s seen as a very promising prospect. The former Munster playmaker has been plying his trade in France with Racing 92 since retiring, and O’Driscoll believes he needs to plot his next coaching move very carefully.

O’Gara has been linked with the Munster job on a number of occasions, but O’Driscoll thinks he needs to stay far away from his ‘dream’ job until he knows he’s good and ready for it.

“He’s the one that says he doesn’t feel that the timing is right, and he knows that best. He’s not maybe what they’re looking for. I think the time will eventually come where he will go back and eventually coach Munster. I think that will happen.” O’Driscoll said at the eir Sport season launch.
“He has to be careful about how quickly you find yourself back in your dream role. Beyond Guy Noves, there’s not too many coaches that stay beyond four or five seasons with their preferred club. There’s a finite period of time in most coaching roles where you have to move on. You get there too early, in your early 40s, where do you go from there? Potentially for the Irish job.”
O’Driscoll says he’s intrigued to see where O’Gara’s career goes and so far he’s playing his cards right.
“I think he’s playing it smart and learning his trade elsewhere away from the glare of all of us, and just going about his business. Learning new skills and coaching some pretty impressive players, and I’m sure he’s learning a lot from them. I would be intrigued to see how ROG got on.”

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