Brian O’Driscoll & Fergus McFadden Recall Leinster Training Ground Scrap


Don’t mess with BOD.

We’ve come across a few fabled Brian O’Driscoll scrap stories over the years and it seems the former Leinster centre is well able to hold his own. No story will ever beat the Lions Austin Healey story, but we’ve come across another excellent one nonetheless.

It seems former teammate Fergus McFadden got on the wrong side of O’Driscoll in a training ground session and payed for his troubles.


McFadden was speaking on Off The Ball:

The situation we had, the game was getting feisty and guys are getting particularly tired. It’s generally when things happen in training.

I think I blocked Brian and we went on a bit of a run, scoring afterwards. Then he just kind of said ‘if you do that again, I’m going to hit you a dig’ and of course I didn’t learn my lesson and I did it again.

We just squared up to each other and he threw one and I threw a couple of handbags back and then we got pulled away. I had a small gash around my eye. But that’s just training ground stuff.

O’Driscoll then gave his account of events, claiming that he felt bad about what had happened when he noticed his teammate was bleeding.

Then I started feeling bad and I saw a little bit of blood and I thought ‘oh God, that’s unnecessary.


O’Driscoll then treated us to another scrap story he was involved in with Shane Horgan, this one however, ended in laughter.

I had a bit of a fracas with Shane Horgan in Joe [Schmidt’s] first year as well and the exact same situation…exhausted, he blocked me a couple of times and we went at it and then we went out to our respective wings and as the game went on, I glanced over to him. He looked at me and we broke out laughing.

You can’t beat a good training ground scuffle.

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