Brian O’Driscoll & Donncha O’Callaghan On Why They Love Rugby

The ultimate team sport.

Ireland legends Brian O’Driscoll and Donncha O’Callaghan recently sat down with World Rugby to discuss just why they love rugby so much, and what exactly it means to them.

O’Driscoll believes rugby is without doubt the ‘ultimate’ team sport. The former Leinster, Ireland and Lions centre says that if everyone doesn’t work together, then you can’t do your job as a player.

From the hooker, to the outhalf, all must equally do their job and work together, in order for their teammates to be able to carry out their own tasks on the pitch.

“I love rugby rugby because it’s the ultimate team sport.” O’Driscoll said.
“If my hooker doesn’t throw the ball in straight, or my jumped and lifters don’t get their timing right, my scrumhalf pass isn’t on the money, likewise my outhalf, so if they don’t do that, I don’t have a job to do.”
“So for me it’s the ultimate team sport.”

O’Callaghan meanwhile, is grateful for the person rugby has made him, and the incredible friends and relationships he’s made over the years from it. The former Munster, Ireland and Lions lock is hugely thankful for what the sport has given him.

“I actually love the person it’s made me.” O’Callaghan said.
“I think my life would be totally different and I’d be a different type of person. I’ve learnt so much about myself.”
“I know how far I can push both my body and my mind. I’ve learned and shared brilliant days with my friends. I’ve had the biggest troughs and lows of my life.
“I love rugby because of all it’s given me, but most importantly, the friends and the relationships I’ve made out of it, and I’m just so thankful to it.”

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