Brian Moore Brilliantly Rigged The Six Nations Drinking Game This Weekend

This is quality.

Most of you at this stage have probably heard of the increasingly popular Six Nations Drinking Game by the Welsh Dalai Lama. It’s exciting, it’s hilarious and it adds to the fun of the already brilliant competition.

Players are forced to drink if certain things happen in the match, such as yellow cards, reset scrums etc. But a lot of it is down to the commentary, and the cliches. Some are pretty likely, others not so much.

Brian Moore however, is changing the game this year, by having a little fun with the players during his commentary. In a bid to get them that little bit more merry, Moore made is his business to work through the usual run-of-the-mill cliches included in the game such as “post-Lions fatigue” etc.

The former England international then took things to another level. Describing the new laws about less chatting back to the referee, Moore knowingly mused:

“So Slimani’s comments  – perhaps they were discussing Donald Trump’s version of ‘Covfefe’ and whatever that meant, I don’t know.”

What an absolute legend.

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