Breaking: The Stade Francais & Racing 92 Merger Is Off

Stade Francais and Racing 92 will not be merging.

The news broke on Monday that the two club presidents had come to the incredible agreement, but was met with revolt and defiance by the players and staff of both the Parisian club.

Stade Francais immediately went on strike, while both sides matches were call off this weekend after ‘fusion’ talks broke down on Friday.

Racing president Jacky Lorenzetti has released statement this morning revealing that they have changed their minds after great opposition.

In agreement with Thomas Savare, the merger will not take place.
We decided, with Thomas Savare, to bring Stade Français Paris and Racing 92 together to create the great Ile-de-France club of tomorrow and ensure it a long-lasting and brilliant future.
I decided to give up this beautiful project.
I sincerely believe that it was ambitious enough to garner the approval of the majority. I felt that the advantages he offered to the Ile-de-France rugby would outweigh the inevitable efforts he would imply.
I have heard and understood the strong reservations raised by this beautiful plan of union.
In any case, social, political, cultural, human and sporting conditions are not fulfilled. Maybe we were right too soon, the future will tell us…
I did not expect such resistance, especially internally!
I would like to thank the players for defending their convictions, courage, generosity and solidarity. Especially with a great sense of responsibility. I am proud of them, of all of them.
I want to tell the big rugby family, the loyal partners of Racing 92, the supporters, the players, the sports and administrative staff of the two teams and the volunteers of the rugby schools that it was not in my intention to oppose one part of the family to another.
This family is the beating heart of our sport. As for me, I am only a passionate servant.
The future of Stade de France will be written without us, and I sincerely wish him all the best that can be hoped for by someone whom we have come to know more closely.
I will, of course, continue to work to grow the Racing 92 with even more support on our training center and our future Arena which will be delivered in a few months.

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