The All Blacks’ Matchday Diet Is Absolutely Insane

World champion diet.

The All Blacks are the undisputed number one rugby team in the world. That’s not up for debate and has been the case for quite some time.

The back-to-back World Champions have proved it time and time again – when it matters they show up, and they’ve got the trophies to back it up.

But maintaining their title as the world’s very best isn’t easy. Not only do they have to put the work in on the pitch in– they have to maintain their bodies with gruelling gym and fitness sessions, as well as make sure their diet is spot on.

And on a matchday that diet really needs to be on the money, as they get set to play 80+ minutes of gruelling Test rugby.

Here is what your average All Black consumes on matchday:

BREAKFAST: Peanut butter on toast and roasted tomatoes. Omelette with egg whites, butter and coconut oil mixed in. Simple greens like spinach and a half an avocado. Fresh fruit including oranges and bananas (for their potassium content).

LUNCH: Lean chicken, rice, pasta and sweet potatoes eaten at least three hours before warm ups.

PRE-MATCH: Porridge with bananas, almond butter and honey. Water and some salts/nitrate supplements probably encouraged.

POST-MATCH: Nuts and nut butters, fluids and simple fruits. Shake with whey protein, bananas and walnuts.

DINNER: Red meats including steak, lamb chops and ribs. Green vegetables including spinach, guacamole and brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes.

Pretty insane right? It’s tough at the top.

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