Bizarre Response From Johnny Sexton Following Straightforward Question In Post-Match Interview

Wake up.

Ireland were handed a yet another dose of reality today thanks to an absolute demolition at the hands of England in Twickenham.

The men in green were bullied from start to finish and while the scoreline was just 24-12 to the hosts in the end – Ireland were no doubt flattered by the final scoreline.

Mistakes from Johnny Sexton and Jacob Stockdale led to two early tries and while Ireland were much better in the second-half, once again they failed to flatter in terms of their attacking structure.

Sexton also missed a number of kicks from the tee in a poor performance overall from the Ireland captain.

But despite all of this, Sexton had a bizarre answer to a pretty simple question by Virgin Media’s SineadKissane after the game.

Sinead: “Johnny, was that one of the toughest days of your career out there today?”

Sexton: “No, not really.”

Ah, Johnny. Come on. As far as outings go that was one of your toughest. Don’t try and sugarcoat it. Don’t try and hide away from it. Be honest and don’t try to bullshit us Johnny. You were beat up by Jones’ side.

That was a hell of a tough game and you struggled for most of it. Paint that picture and at least you can start taking the necessary steps to address it because Ireland have been down this road far too many times now.

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