Bernard Jackman’s Grenoble Players Turned On Him & You Won’t Believe Why

Bernard Jackman and Grenoble parted ways this week.

The former Ireland and Leinster hooker took over as Grenoble head coach last year, having been appointed on a consultancy basis as skills and forwards coach in 2011 and made full-time the following season.

Grenoble however are currently occupying one of the relegation spots in the league after a disappointing season. Jackman as a result was brought in for an emergency meeting on Tuesday where it was made clear to him that he would be removed from his role at the end of the current season.

The former Connacht hooker however, refused to see out the season under such conditions, and departed the club with immediate effect.

French rugby correspondent Gavin Mortimer has been reading up on Jackman’s departure in L’Equipe and it turns out the former Connacht hooker lost the dressing room as some of the players thought that his physical training was ‘too hard’ and his offensive system ‘too complicated.’

Jackman also apparently banned deserts at mealtimes which is said to have caused ‘war’ in the dressing room. Have you ever heard the likes of it? These guys are supposed to be professionals!

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