Bernard Jackman Rubbishes Paul O’Connell Reports


It was reported recently that Paul O’Connell would be taking his first steps into coaching with Grenoble.

According to French broadcaster Canal+, O’Connell would be spending a week with Grenoble in an advisory role on a ‘freelance’ basis. Head coach of the Top 14 side is former Leinster hooker Bernard Jackman who is accompanied on the coaching staff with ex-Munster player Mike Prendergast.

It’s now been revealed that the reports are not true. While O’Connell is indeed visiting the city, his main reason for being there is a skiing holiday.

Speaking to John Fallon for the Irish Daily Mirror, Jackman explained that there’s nothing ‘formal’ about O’Connell’s visit.

He only arrived yesterday and went to our match last night.

If he gets the chance we will see him down the club one of the days and of course we will chat rugby and ideas, tactics etc., but unfortunately it’s not anything long term or formal.

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