Barry Murphy Recalls Hilarious Anthony Foley Story From Irish Rugby Camp

Barry Murphy, Ian Dowling and Jerry Flannery 15/5/2009

The rugby world is still in shock.

Anthony Foley has been taken away from us at the tender age of 42, leaving two children, a wife and a fantastic legacy behind. Foley will truly be remembered as one of the all-time greats.

The former Ireland and Munster flanker was found dead in his hotel room in the early hours of Sunday morning as he was preparing his side to do battle in the Champions Cup.


Tributes have been pouring in from fans, friends and many of his former teammates. This story from Barry Murphy that was take from the Axerl dvd however, put a particular smile on our face’s here.

“It was my first week in the Irish national camp and I travelled up with Jerry Flannery.

On the Wednesday the team was announced and I wasn’t picked for the 22, and Anthony more surprisingly, first time being cut I think and, he was obviously fairly pissed off.

But I had to ask him for a lift home, just before lunch and it was just the two of us sitting down and he just took a slurp of his soup and he kind of went, ‘If you’ve got anything important to say, say it now, cos I’m not talking to you on the way home.”

“And he didn’t talk to be on the way home, he had like Belinda Carlisle and Heaven is a place on Earth rattling out of the car. (on the way home)”

Absolutely brilliant, you will truly be missed Anthony.

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