Antoine Dupont set to take break from France along with three more top stars

Olympic dream.

France captain Antoine Dupont looks set to take a break from international rugby, the fifteen-a-side variation of it at least, to pursue his dream of representing his country at the Olympics in his home country next year.

Dupont first revealed his plans back in June, with Toulouse head coach Ugo Mola seemingly already preparing for life without his star player for the season.

And Dupont looks set to be joined by three more France internationals, with Midi Olympique reporting that he will be joined by Arthur Vincent, Sekou Macalou and one of either Damian Penaud and Louis Bielle-Biarrey, who both started France’s World Cup quarter-final defeat to South Africa.

“It’s really something that motivates me,” Dupont told the Pause podcast.

“Just doing the Olympics, it’s so incredible, when you’re in front of your TV and you see all the events that follow one another, with this patriotic fervour.

“It’s so strong.”

But Dupont is aware that a deal will have to be agreed upon by all parties affected for him to be able to fulfill his dream.

“It’s not just me who has to agree, they have to agree, my club has to agree too,” Dupont added.

“We have to talk about it with everyone at the table, but my will is there, that’s for sure.”

Should he get the go-ahead it would likely mean he will be unavailable for the Six Nations, along with the other three players being scouted.

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