Andy Farrell addresses Irish fans with lovely message ahead of quarter-final

Best in the world.

Ireland will be hoping to make history this weekend when they take on the All Blacks in the quarter-final stages of the Rugby World Cup.

Andy Farrell’s side have been in excellent form throughout the pool stages, winning four from four, including impressive wins over both South Africa and Scotland.

But the men in green have never gotten past the quarter-final stages of rugby’s premier competition.

It feels different this time round though, and that has been evident with the incredible support from the Irish fans, who Farrell has praised with some lovely words ahead of Saturday’s mammoth clash.

Farrell reckons Ireland are the “envy of all the other nations” with their incredible travelling fanbase.

“Momentum is important in any competition. Of course we want to win, we want to win every game,” Farrell said.

“Have we desperately wanted to win the pool? Yes, every game is important to us and the next one is there to be won anyway.

“I suppose, what goes along with that momentum, is that fans that have come along with us.

“With the support we’ve had so far, because of the games we’ve won, momentum and doing things together we’re a little bit, as far as support is concerned, the envy of all the other nations.

“We’re doing this together.

“I know we’ve been to this stadium twice and it’s unbelievable, is momentum part of that? I think so, a little bit.”

No doubt the fans will play a huge role once again this weekend.

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