Amazon Prime’s Response To Northern Ireland Customer Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Ah, lads.

The Autumn Nations Cup kicked off this weekend with Ireland, Scotland and England getting off to winning starts in three pretty decent games.

But there have been a few issues for fans so far in terms of actually watching the games for a variety of reasons.

In the Republic of Ireland, watching Friday’s game against Wales was pretty straightforward – you could tune in to RTÉ or Channel 4, with both channels free-to-air, so pretty ideal.

But for today’s games – Italy vs Scotland and George vs England, ROI customers needed to have access to premium channel, Premier Sports, which comes as part of the paid ‘Sports Extra’ package with BT on Sky for example.

In the UK, Amazon Prime Video have exclusive rights to all the games, except Ireland’s fixtures which we already said are available on Channel 4 for anyone outside the ROI who can’t access RTÉ.

But it appears one Amazon staff member isn’t exactly sure what the difference is between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (which we all know is part of the UK, of course), leaving a NI customer a little confused as to why his account wasn’t working for him.

You had one job.

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