Alan Quinlan Blasts Glasgow Warriors For Their Treatment Of Conor Murray


Former Ireland and Munster back-row Alan Quinlan has blasted Glasgow for their cynical targeting of Conor Murray on Saturday.

The Ireland nine was the subject of a number of late hits on the back of his box kicking, and was even hit as he kicked the ball out at full-time. Writing in his column, Alan Quinlan has branded his treatment as a disgrace.

Quinlan says it’s perfectly normal for the best players to be targeted but when there is clear intent to hurt the player, then it’s a completely different story entirely.


What Glasgow did to Murray he says, was cynical and dangerous.

First and foremost, the treatment Conor Murray received from the Glasgow players throughout Saturday’s game was an absolute disgrace.

I’ve no problem putting pressure on opposition players but trying to target someone with clear intent is a different story.

When I played, you always targeted individuals; it’s part of the process of trying to knock the best players off their stride. But what Glasgow were trying to do to Murray was cynical and, ultimately, dangerous.

Jerry Flannery said that Munster had highlighted it before the game, but even still he should have been given more protection.

Looking back at both incidents involving Jonny Gray and Josh Strauss, neither were as bad as they first looked. I was able to go into the analysis truck and look at the footage again. You could see the intention.

Trying to block the ball down is one thing but targeting a player’s standing foot is just not on.

Does Quinlan have a point?

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