Aer Lingus Overbook Flight To Bilbao & Leave Leinster Fans Behind

Ah lads.

Leinster and Racing 92 will battle it out for the Champions Cup later on this afternoon, but six unfortunate fans who were were set to be at the game, will miss out because of an Aer Lingus calamity.

As soon as Leinster booked their place in this year’s final the airline moved to add four more flights out of Dublin to Bilbao, in order cater for all the extra travelling rugby fans. But somehow they managed to overbook their 7.10am flight this morning.

That left fans in a ridiculous scenario – six people must volunteer to stay behind, or the plane cannot take off. In the end two fans took a cash sum to take a later flight (which landed after the game).

The other four were chosen at random, and left behind. What an absolute joke.


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