A Message To Munster Rugby And It’s Supporters


Munster today confirmed that Andy Farrell will take up an advisory role with Munster until the end of the season.

My ‘Open Letter To Munster Rugby‘ gained huge traction yesterday and I was inundated with messages thanking me for speaking from the heart and basically saying what every fan was thinking. Firstly I want to thank everyone who made the article such a success. I never imagined it would explode to the extent it did. I simply highlighted a lot of key areas that I believe Munster needed to address. Two of the main issues I had were Munster not putting their hands up and admitting they needed to make and change and the fact that the current coaching set-up was simply too inexperienced.

Andy Farrell comes in with three years experience coaching one of the very best teams in Europe in Saracens in the highly competitive Aviva Premiership. Add four years with England, including a Rugby World Cup and top it all off with a winning Lions tour. Say what you want about Andy Farrell and the much publicised Rugby World Cup fiasco, but the man has one thing that the current set-up are lacking the most- experience at the highest level of rugby.


Not only does Farrell have bucket loads of experience, but he’s not one of the ‘boys’. In a business environment it’s always said working with friends is difficult. If you walk into the office and your buddy isn’t doing his job right- you’re going to approach it entirely different to someone who is simply a professional colleague. Now before Munster fans get excited, Andy Farrell isn’t going to change Munster Rugby overnight, but what he will do is set up a platform and potentially get the Munster ship moving forward for the first time in nearly two years.


A huge issue I raised yesterday was the fact that for the first time in their history Munster have found themselves in decline, unable to comprehend and learn from their mistakes. Now we’re not entirely sure if it’s the Munster CEO or the IRFU who have ushered in this appointment, but whoever did deserves huge credit. The Munster supporters as I previously mentioned are not glory hunters as I’ve seen some people suggest. They will follow their Province until the end, but they will not be fooled. We have asked for change, we have asked for reassurance. We want to see that Munster will slowly start making the necessary changes to start rebuilding this club. Today’s announcement is potentially the first layer of foundation.

In the coming months we expect construction to commence.

  • We want to see a clear vision for the academy and club game. The Munster A and Academy system needs an independent review. It’c clear it’s not working as the standard of players coming through just isn’t the same anymore. Remember you are Munster the geographical province, not Munster the brand. Rekindle the working relationship that once existed with the AIL clubs. Players need to learn the ethos of the game once again, not just hammer dumbbells in the gym. Munster were never the All Blacks, it was their passion, pride and ethos that made them a force to be reckoned with.
  • We also want to see ticket prices lowered. Get the fans back in the stadium. Give them an opportunity to rekindle their love. We will support you, but for some of us we simply cannot afford to. This weekend is your opportunity
  • We want to see more activity from the MRSC. Don’t behave like you’ve just given up. Don’t try and just sell us products and tickets. Become the voice you once were. In times of struggle you need to be more vocal. We need reassurance, we need updates. If you don’t show us you believe, how are we expected to believe?
  • This goes out to the players. You’re out of the Champions Cup and Saturday’s result either way won’t change that but this is your opportunity to show the club and it’s supporters you’re not going to take it lying down. Go out this weekend and leave everything on that pitch. When you’re on the ground, gasping for air, look deep down and find that second breath. Show us what Munster means to you. Prove to us you deserve that number on your back. Make us believe again.
  • To the fans. This is a big ask but i’m calling out to all fans who can to attend this weekend’s game. Its on at 1pm on Saturday and the weather forecast is even good for the weekend! Show Munster you care. Let this weekend be a chance for us to show Munster we are with you, no matter what. I’m asking for all supporters to march to Thomond Park this weekend and usher in a Munster renaissance.. Let this weekend be a message. We’re here, now stop bullshitting us and reward out loyalty. Give us what we’re asking for.

We are in a transitionary period we all know that. Now is the time to stand together and help our province transition into the force they once were. If anyone from Munster Rugby wants to get in contact with me I would love to help promote this free of charge across our entire platform. It’s time we all followed our once famous ethos. It’t time to SUAF. The Munster Renaissance can begin this weekend, but we need your help.

Who would have thought it would take an Englishman to make us SUAF once again?

Jason Hennessy, Founder at RugbyLAD.com & Munster Rugby Supporter

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