A Lot Of Irish Fans Were Not Happy With Paul O’Connell Last Night


If you were watching the France vs Ireland match on Virgin Media last night you would have seen the punditry debut of Rob Kearney alongside the ever-present Matt Williams.

But if that wasn’t you’re cup of tea, chances are you tuned into BBC to watch former Ireland captain Paul O’Connell analyse that game alongside former nemesis Martin Johnson.

In terms of the latter, as always, O’Connell’s punditry was top class. The former British and Iris Lions tour captain is incredibly insightful and understands the game better than most.

But it wasn’t his punditry that had everyone talking last night but rather something a little more personal for some. As he was on UK television, like a lot of other Irish pundits have done in the past, O’Connell wore a poppy.

Something that did not go down well for a huge cohort on Twitter with O’Connell trending for the wrong reasons.

What are your thoughts? Do you care that O’Connell wore a poppy?

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